What Causes The Automotive Heating System To Be Not Sizzling?

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The heating system of the car could be divided into two causes: one is brought on by the engine cooling system, автохолодильник alpicool and the opposite is caused by the poor operation of the heating air control mechanism. When repairing, we should first determine which trigger is induced. Carry out the corresponding repairs.

– “This system adopted three heat exchangers: outdoor heat exchanger, inside condenser and inner evaporator.

– The change between cooling and heating modes was realized by on and off bypass valve and mannequin air door of HVAC.

– Refrigerants beneath high temperature and high stress go through the interior condenser with out heat alternate.

– At this time, the outer heat exchanger and inner evaporator have been used as condenser and evaporator of your entire system.”

Whereas I do reside in Florida now, I have lived in locations the place it gets far colder (complete with ice and snow) such as the Pacific Northwest, and the midwestern a part of the United States. My resolution was a little totally different, and did require the slightest bit of electrical information, but not that a lot.