Rotary Capping Machines

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Decide Off System – TEDELTA-Automobile-100-ST

This Rotary Capping Machine is designed for reliability. Its strong building results in excessive velocity manufacturing, beginning at 3000 bph and reaching a high output of 60000 bph with maximum effectivity depending on the quantity of heads put in. This machine is good for glass containers with aluminum caps.

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Whereas rotary capping tools has been around for a while, there are some inherent deficiencies in the at present present capping equipment. Initially, it is very important insure that the cap is correctly maintained in place on the cap switch mechanism after it receives the cap from the cap hopper, in order that the cap will be suitably withdrawn from the cap switch mechanism in correct position to be carried to a location to be secured to a container. One other space of concern is that having to do with insuring that the cap is correctly and accurately eliminated by the capping head from the cap switch mechanism and positioned on the container without jamming or damaging the cap during the appliance process.

Stable filling for the adoption of bottle-neck clamping and bottle suspending design; and filling for different types of bottles could be easily realized by altering just a few element parts.

Stainless steel cap grabs, which have no contact with the realm above the bottle cap’s screw thread, guaranteed high hygienic normal. And the nozzles within the grabs further guaranteed the completely wash of the interior of the bottle.

The advanced gravity filling technology used in this water manufacturing machine makes the filling fast, regular and correct.

Dependable capping: there isn’t a injury to bottle caps, as a result of our magnetic torque for cap screwing permits us to regulate screw drive freely.

Human-machine interface touch-display screen and PLC program control give a better operation of J&D water production traces.

All components which have direct contact with the water are made of top of the range stainless steel. The critical electrical components are from well-known worldwide firms, comparable to Mitsubishi, Omron and so forth..