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There’s no small job with us. Whether or not it’s just clearing the clogged bathroom bowl or working with a leaking pipe, we all the time work with integrity and passion. We work with our guiding ideas and values – the reasons for the way we grew to become profitable in the plumbing business. So, whether it’s a simple or difficult plumbing job, we’re the plumber that you can rely.

Maddy Maxey (18, San Diego, Calif.) began interning in the trend trade when she was sixteen for firms like Tommy Hilfiger, Donna Ricco, Peter Som, and Nylon Journal. After founding a well-liked fashion weblog while in France after which winning a scholarship from the CFDA & Teen Vogue for her work, she began a clothes firm of her own. As a Thiel Fellow, Maddy will concentrate on optimizing the clothes patterns and the enterprise software program that make our current garment industry inefficient. Her purpose is to make domestic production worthwhile by higher integrating software program, not just hardware applied sciences, into our manufacturing system.

The “This Feels Acquainted” Award:


Bioshock also takes numerous great points from nice video games. Of course, every one of those great games are “System Shock 2,” and all those nice facets are “all the things.” The settings are completely different, but at the top of the day you are still a confused, amnesiac man in a ruined facility avoiding security methods and combating deranged mutants at the behest of a mysterious voice who clearly is not what he/she appears. After all, System Shock 2 was a fantastic game, so I didn’t actually thoughts taking part in it all over again in a 1950s underwater dystopia.

Runner-up: Mass Effect

Mass Effect is mainly Knights of the Previous Republic, solely without lightsabers and with even higher gameplay. The brand new dialog system feels great and the action works significantly better, however the whole lot else from the technology to the character growth feels like it was lifted straight from KOTOR. Blue alien girl? Check. Gruff mercenary without a house? Test. A hunt for clues that (Spoilers, so I will stop right here)? Large check. Heck, in case you make Shepard a Vangard or Adept, he gets Force Push!

The “I Remember This Genre!” Award:

Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure

Take rock. Use rock on plant. Open box. Take key from box. Use key on turtle. Years in the past, puzzle-journey video games like this were big. Zack & Wiki combines your customary Wiimote-jiggling minigames with item-searching brainteasers that remind me of LucasArts’ and Sierra’s heydays. It is a good sport in its own proper, and it gives you a candy reminder of what “adventure video games” was once.