Is There Science To Support Reflexology?

This was a randomized managed study of premenstrual signs handled with ear, hand and foot reflexology that demonstrated a significantly greater lower in premenstrual symptoms for the ladies given true reflexology treatment versus women within the placebo group. The research research concluded reflexology is indicated for girls suffering from PMS.

“Zone Therapy was used as far again as 1500 A.D. The American President, James Abram Garfield was mentioned to use pressure to his feet to relieve ache. Through the 16th Century, quite a few books have been published on Zone Therapy, one was written by Dr. Adamus and Dr. A’tatis and another by Dr. Ball in Leipzig.”

Many individuals complain of back pain that ranges from niggling discomfort to chronic situations. Principally, this isn’t the results of injury or trauma. Less train, laborious bodily work and a generally sedentary way of life for a lot of have contributed to the segments of the inhabitants who are virtually crippled with again issues. In accordance with the World Health Group, lower again ache is a number one cause of incapacity in the world.