Economical Semi Computerized Ropp Capping Machine Manufacturer

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N.Okay Industries, primarily based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat is a pioneer manufacturer & Exporter of State of Artwork Semi automatic ROPP Capping machine. Our Semi automated ROPP Capping machine Model NKCS- 50R is suitable Engineering resolution for startup industries the place manufacturing demand is low & qualitative ROPP Sealing / capping required. The machine can deliver 30 Bottle per minute output relying upon operator competence. Qualitative ROPP Capping outcome due to use of motorized sealing head.

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The cap switch star mechanism 14 successively strikes caps 12 in a counterclockwise path to the transfer point 16, the place the cap is picked up by the magnetic assembly 40 forming half of every capping head 20 on the capping turret 18. The magnetic assembly, as shown in FIG. 2, varieties half of every vertically movable capping head meeting 20. The capping head meeting 20 includes magnets 44,forty six positioned at the end of a longitudinally movable rod meeting 48. Secured to the top of the magnet forty six and positioned to engage the cap 12 is a friction tip 50 which is made of a silicone caulking kind compound that serves as an adhesive. The silicone compound prevents injury to the magnets by stopping contact with the magnet and the friction tip 50 prevents slippage of the cap and thus retains the cap in its correct place for disposition on a container. The tip 50 additionally prevents harm to the cap by virtue of the graceful contact between the cap and the friction tip 50 secured to the magnet.

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